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Streamlining the Selling Journey
in 9- Simple Steps

This streamlined, methodical approach ensures a smooth and successful selling process, allowing us to thrive when you do.


Let’s start with an initial, complimentary consultation where we outline the process, discuss fees, comprehend your business intricacies, and assess if we’re a fitting team to work together. This phase involves collecting necessary documents to ascertain the value of your business.


Our team of skilled accountants and analysts will meticulously review the provided documents to formulate a professional assessment of your business's value.


Upon agreement on the listing price, both our brokerage and you, the seller, solidify our collaboration by signing the Engagement (Listing) Agreement, formalizing our commitment.


We'll request further detailed documentation from you, including legal, financial, and tax records crucial for the Due Diligence phase post signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality.


Harnessing the collected information, we craft a strategic marketing plan. This includes creating various marketing materials that reach our extensive database of potential buyers and is promoted across diverse online and print platforms. A teaser—a concise, confidential overview—is prepared to attract interest without divulging sensitive information.


Qualified buyers expressing interest will be vetted and required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, safeguarding your business's confidential details. Once the NDA is in place, our team shares comprehensive information packages about the business for sale.


Interested buyers submit Conditional Offers, non-binding proposals outlining price and terms. We facilitate negotiations between buyer and seller, guiding the process until both parties accept the Conditional Offer.


This pivotal stage involves addressing crucial conditions such as financial and legal due diligence by the buyer, lease verification, franchisor approval (if applicable), and finalizing terms through lawyer reviews and the definitive purchase agreement.


The pinnacle of the journey—the execution of the Sale Purchase Agreement—marks the gratifying completion of the sale process.

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