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Discover Your Ideal Business Opportunity
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This refined and streamlined process aims to simplify your journey toward acquiring the perfect business opportunity tailored to your aspirations and requirements.!!!!

In our initial consultation, we aim to pinpoint the perfect Business Opportunity for you. Through a series of six crucial questions, we delve into your needs:

  • Do you possess the necessary permissions to reside and work in Canada?
  • Are you planning to run the business solo or with assistance?
  • What industries are you inclined towards?
  • What's your desired timeframe for purchasing a business?
  • Where would you prefer the business to be located?
  • How much capital are you prepared to invest?


We search through our extensive Business Listing Portal., a vast inventory spanning various Canadian industries. After thorough discussions with you, we curate a selection to match your criteria.


Upon necessity, complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement required by the Seller's Representative. Post this, one of our dedicated team members will be assigned to guide you through the subsequent steps.


You'll receive a comprehensive business overview document—either a Confidential Business Overview (CBO) or pertinent financial details provided by the Seller's Representative. Your designated team member will engage with you, addressing queries and furnishing additional information as needed.


ScoreROI's team will orchestrate a meeting between the Buyer and Seller, arranging either a virtual or in-person tour of the business. At this stage, it's pivotal for you to assess whether the business aligns with your vision.


Upon identifying the right business, we embark on negotiations to secure the ideal price for your acquisition.


This phase marks a critical juncture. ScoreROI drafts a Conditional/non-binding Offer within the specified timeline on your behalf & We will ensure you understand the agreement you’re signing and the consequences of its various clauses.


We streamline the Due Diligence and Financing stages, aiding in communication with the Seller. Additionally, we offer recommendations for professional advisors such as accountants, legal experts, and financing agents. You, along with your advisors, conduct an extensive review while liaising with financial institutions for potential financing.


The penultimate step involves executing a Sale Purchase Agreement, culminating in the ownership transfer of your new business!

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